We help you understand the processes on how to access the rewards offered by Tax and Government incentives to increase your operational efficiency

We unlock new opportunities and create a platform partnership in response to youth unemployment

The Skills Group can customise a solution in line with your HR Strategy and handle the implementation thereof seamlessly on your behalf

In addition, our solution will assist your organisation to unlock financial incentives and returns through implementation of youth employment, training, learnerships, internships, bursary and graduate programmes with your relevant SETA and other government sources of funding

About Us

The Skills Group is a dynamic 100% female owned and managed Empowered Micro Enterprise boasting a network of experts and professional project managers, learning and business consultants and technical specialists in Skills Development processes and implementation.

Our Services

The Skills Group will assist organisations to unlock the benefits of youth employment as it relates to legislation

Our Team

The Skills Group team consists of professionals with more than 20-years’ experience

Enabling employment through innovative solutions

The President of South Africa launched the YES Foundation in response to the high levels of unemployment.

The Skills Group is in support of the President’s initiative and not duplicating the YES Foundation role, our focus is on customised solutions aimed at especially Small and Medium Enterprises. The Skills Group is a  100% female owned and  managed Enterprise

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Support for submission of your WSP and ATR


We are always surprised to hear how many companies pay over their Skills Development levies religiously every month yet never apply for grants to get the money back and train their employees. Often, especially in smaller under-resourced companies, the process itself seems too onerous to take on and thus companies simply put training on the back burner. What does WSP mean for you? MONEY BACK, TAX REBATES AND POINTS ON YOUR B-BBEE SCORECARD!


Does all this seem like a daunting prospect, or is your HR Department  under-resourced for this labour-intensive task? The Skills Group offers an end-to-end consulting service that will take the hassle off your hands and GET MONEY BACK for your levies paid. 


The skills required in your organisation and describes the initiatives that your company plans to undertake to fulfil those needs. It is an annual submission with the deadline normally on 30 April every year. 


In your Annual Training Report, you will plot out the progress of your training in line with exactly what you submitted in your Workplace Skills Plan. Why would you pay all that money in levies and then not get the return that is due to you?

The Skills Group (Pty) Ltd is proudly part of the Edge Group of Companies